21st Feb, 2020


Anyiin, Logo LGA, Benue State

Camp Population: 36,000

Anyiin IDP camp has an official record of over 36000 displaced Christians.

Anyiin is the home town of senator Suswam the former governor of Benue state.

We went to Anyiin with 40 bags of 25kg rice, 4 bags of 100kg beans, Indomie, salt, magi, detergents and malaria treatment drugs, sacks of cloths

21st Feb, 2020

Same as above

Ugba, IDP Camp, Logo LGA, Benue State

Camp Population: 3,080 persons.

We distributed 23 bags of 25kg of rice, 2 bags of beans 100 kg, cartons of maggi, salt, indomie, detergents, malaria treatment drugs and cloths

24th Feb. 2020


Unguwar Waziri Shato, Kargi Ward, Kubau LGA, Kaduna State

Educational Support

1)  151 New School bags with Exercise Books, Biros, Pencils, Rulers, Erasers, and Sharpeners were to all the Students of the School.

2)  Textbooks covering the basic subjects offered in the school from primary 1 to 6 each and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary were given to the School Library. 3)  Fully Equipped Brand New First Aid Box

4)  Brand New Foot Ball

5)  10 Letters and Numerical Teaching Aids

Fri. 28th February, 2020


Stephens Children Home, Abeokuta

7 bags of rice at 122,500

5 bags of bean at 60,000

3 kegs of vegetable oil at 39,600

10,000 Cash donation

5,000 Banner

12,500 Transport and logistics

Friday 15th May, 2020



N75,000 was donated by Admiral P. A. to celebrate his birthday on 15th May.

CSMN added 25,000 to round it up to N100,000.

Stephens Children Home, Abeokuta

(Sons of the Martyrs)

2 Bags of rice at 44,000

2 bags of beans at 26,000

2 kegs of groundnut oil at 25,000

5,000 Transport and fuel

Sat. 16th May, 2020


IDP Camp

Ungwan Zawu Internally Displaced Persons’ Camp Gonin-Gora,

Southern Kaduna

a) 5 Bags of Maize   @ N12,500.00 each   = N62,500.00

b) 5 Bags of Rice   @ N14,500.00    = N72,500.00

c) Half Bag of Beams (40 tiers x N350)   = N14,000.00

d) 1 Pasta of Cooking oil      = N18,500.00

e) 1 Carton of Maggi      = N  8,800.00

f) 1 Carton of Tomato Paste      = N   6,500.00

g) 1 Bag of Salt       = N   3,500.00

h) Conveying of Items from the Market to HACFO’s Office   = N   2,500.00

i) Conveying of Items to the Zawu IDP Camp    = N12,000.00

j) Purchase of Fuel for the Vehicle that convey our Team   = N   5,000.00

TOTAL        = N205,800.00

16th May, 2020


IDP Camp

Kona, Jalingo LGA, Taraba

9 bags of rice @ 30,000 = 270,000

7 bags of beans @ 14,000 = 98,000

Ancillary expenses = 14,720

Fuel = 6,000

Transportation of food to IDP Camp = 5,000

CSMN Banner = 3,000

Total 399,720

16th May, 2020


Camp 3, Daudu, Guma LGA, Benue State

170 bags of 5kg rice @ 2,250 = 382,500

10 bags of beans @ 20,000 = 200,000

2 banners = 6,000

Logistics = 11,500

Total: N600,000

20th May, 2020

Same as above

Gbajimba IDP Camp, Guma LGA, Benue

As above

21st May, 2020

300 Mattresses

(Donor Anonymous)

Southern Kaduna

Ungwan Zawu IDP Camp, Gonin-Gora, Kaduna

Saturday 30th May, 2020


Kajuru, Southern Kaduna

Funds entrusted to Southern Kaduna People’s Union, SOKAPU.

30th May, 2020

500 Mattresses

(Donor anonymous)

IDP Camps in Jalingo, Taraba State

Kona Camp – 206 mattresses

Gullum Camp – 58 mattresses

Mayo Dassa Camp – 64 Mattresses

Nukkai camp – 85 Mattresses

ATC Kofai camp – 81 mattresses

Christ in Me Church – 6 mattresses

5th and 6th May, 2020

1,000 Mattresses

(Donor anonymous)





In Guma and Logo LGAs of Benue State


Friday 26th June,



Dr. Tony Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe

Support for Christian brother on exile in Togo after filing a suit in case in court to challenge Sharia in Nigeria.

He faced health complications that affected his legs required assistance for welfare as well as medical treatment.

30th June, 2020


Fund assistance for widows in IDP Camps in Lau Local Govt. Taraba State

Project executed from 1st – 3rd July, 2020

N3,000 distributed to each widow:

394 widows at IDP Camps in Lau = 1,182,000

75 widows at IDP Camps in Zing = 225,000

Logistics = 29,000 (Security, transportation, sundry costs to various IDP Camps within the Local Govts.)

Total: 1,436,000

8th July, 2020


Legal intervention for Joy Dankaka, abducted girl from Kano.

Legal Directorate took up her case with NAPTIP and took custody of Joy. CSMN paid for their transport as well as accommodation in Abuja before her foster father, Rev. Markus Ahmadu returned to Kano.

21st July, 2020


Legal Intervention for Joy Dankaka

Payment to NAPTIP for trip to Kano to facilitate the arrest of the Muslims who abducted Joy.

They were arrested on 22nd July, 2020 and brought to Abuja for prosecution.

The case continues.

21st July, 2020


Media coverage of the paper BORN TO RULE TO THE GRAVEYARD

The paper of the Chairman of CSMN on the oppression of the British and the Fulani.

The sum of 30,000 was paid to facilitate media coverage.

13th August, 2020


Payment of Medical bill to St. Louis Hospital, Zonkwa, Zango Kataf, Southern Kaduna

Following the attack of Fulani Militia against the people of Zango Kataf in July/August 2020, CSMN supported the brethren with donation to offset the medical bill.

14th August, 2020


Payment of medical bill to Throneroom Trust Ministry – Salem Medical Center

Treatment of patients in Kukum Daji, Kaura, Southern Kaduna in August 2020

16th August, 2020


Food relief for IDPs in Kaala, Kajuru, Southern Kaduna

Project date: 16th August

Provision of rice and beans for about 400 households affected in the attack of Fulani herdsmen:

1. Beans: 1bag L, size N25,000.00 X 13bags=  N325,000.00

2.  Rice: 1bag N22,000.00 X 13bags = N286,000.00

3. Transport/Loading of 1 and 2 to Sabo        = N006,000.00

4. Red oil (locally made), 25l = N017,000.00

5. Ground Nuts oil, 25L = N013,400.00

6. Salt: 1bag N2,600.00 X 2bags = N005,200.00

7. Maggie: 1caton 5,800.00 X 2cartons= N011,600.00

8. Fuel: 2 Hilux + 1 Corolla, Kaduna to Kaala to-and-fro= N019,000.00

9. Loading the vehicles at Sabo, Kaduna = N003,000.00

10. The Team and Media Crews       = N005,000.00

11. Pastor Jamilu = N005,000.00

Pictures =  Awaiting the cost  N 003,000.00

TOTAL    = N699,200.00

24th August, 2020


Food relief to Du Merci Orphanage in Kano

The Founder of Du Merci, Prof Solomon Tarfa was jailed for running Christian Orphanage in Kano. His wife, Mrs. Mercy Tarfa, participated in the recently conducted International Day of Religious Freedom (IDORF).

CSMN is supporting the Orphanage for feeding of the children and sustenance of the work.

26th August, 2020


Medical Bill at Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital

Payment of hospital bill for victims of Kukum Daji, Kaura, Southern Kaduna

19th August, 2020


Filing of counter claim in Zaria court.

When the Muslims saw that CSMN Lawyers filed objection that Rev. Markus Dankaka could not be tried in Sharia court, they proceeded to a Magistrate Court to stop the case going on in the High Court against the abductors of Joy Dankaka.

23rd September, 2020


Project to widows in Lau Government of Taraba State

Lende Camp - 24 widows,

Minda Camp - 31 widows

Garinmallam Camp-18 widows

Total 73 widows